Give Back

Did you know that all employees are eligible for volunteer pay?  Full-time employees may get up to 8 hours per year and part-time employees may get up to 4 hours per year.  We would like to encourage all team members to personally give back in their communities to causes they find important to them.   

With the change to UKG, there is a simple way to request this time off.  On the main menu, select “My Info”, then “My Time” followed by Time Off – Request.  In the box for “Time Off Type” select “Volunteer”.  You can then submit this request just like you would for other PTO to your supervisor for review and approval.  Please make sure to note in the comment box which organization you will be giving your time to.   

We hope to see many more team members “give” their time this year!  Share your story with us to inspire others by emailing us your photos and experiences.