Check-out these fun WELLBEING ideas for you and your team

Whether you enjoy a little competition amongst colleagues or just want to get outside and get moving for a few minutes during your workday, we have put together some ideas that we hope will inspire you to focus on your WELLBEING this summer.

  • Step Count Challenge – Employees can compete as individuals or teams.
  • Walking or Outdoor Meetings – Embrace the warm weather; take your meetings outside. For more information on how to get the most out of your walking meeting, please read this article from the Harvard Business Review.
  • Sponsor and participate in an Adult League Sports Team. Reach out to your local recreation district to get more information.
  • Sponsor and participate in Local Races or outdoor events. A 5K race is not just for runners, a 5k race it something that can be fun and completed with coworkers, friends, and family. Wear a crazy costume and make it an event to remember.
  • Group Hikes or Nature Walks – encourage wellbeing by offering employees the opportunity to take time off during the day to do a hike and get outside.

Interested in leading an employee wellbeing class – all wellbeing disciplines and locations are welcome (cooking, fitness, meditation, etc.)?

Please contact Rebecca Brawn at to schedule an event.