Ready, Set, Engage!

By Todd & Melissa Nieber

Our work culture is full of constant learning – the hands-on experiences, team meetings, 1:1 sessions with our managers, and guest/owner/client experiences all help us gain experiential knowledge.  In addition to this, it’s also important to schedule time for continued learning and take a proactive approach to career success and progression with formal education.  In East West University, you have access to live instructor-led courses and on-demand classes that vary in length from a quick 10–15-minute class to a curriculum that may take 3 hours over a period of time to complete.   

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to create a plan for continued education and schedule time in your workday to make it happen.  Following these simple steps can support you in achieving this goal: 

  1. Commit to consistent education and share this commitment with your manager.
  2. Declare a focus for your training.  Do you need to explore educational courses to master excel?  Would you like to build your presentation skills, or explore ways to decrease stress?  Education will matter more if it’s something that matters to you.  Declare a focus each month; the focus may shift or remain the same for a while depending on your desired level of education on the subject you choose as your focus.
  3. Identify a training goal for yourself.  A great place to start is to commit to 30 minutes of training per month.
  4. Schedule this 30-minute block of time in your calendar for an on-demand class, or explore a live instructor-led course to participate in and register so it’s scheduled into your calendar.
  5. Engage often.  The more you engage, the easier it is to keep going and stay true to your commitment.

You are your own best advocate!  Commit to taking a proactive approach to education and experiential learning; every learning opportunity will arm you with greater knowledge and help advance you professionally and personally.   

Here’s the perfect tool to help you get started: the East West University Reference Guide.  This quick guide will give you all the information you need to log in, create your profile, explore learning opportunities, and more.  And if you have additional questions after reviewing the guide, feel free to reach out to your point person, we’ve made life easy for you and provided contact information right in the guide.