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Have an idea for how we could engage and invest in the community? Share with pillar leader, Catherine Lodge.

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Give, Support, and Strengthen

Enhance our local presence within our communities by encouraging events for team engagement while also supporting charities and non-profits.


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Have an idea for a learning opportunity? Share with pillar leader, Angela Gaffney.

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Learn, Achieve, and Engage

Reassess employee processes to provide meaningful yet achievable learning opportunities to all levels of staff. Offer engaging and diverse learning opportunities that can be easily accessed by all.


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Have an idea that could help us invest in our associate’s wellbeing? Share with pillar leader, Rebecca Brawn.

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Reflect, Improve, and Empower

Improve overall wellbeing through both physical and mental programming. We encourage employees to set attainable goals to achieve their best self.


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Have an idea to drive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace? Share with pillar leader, Leah Lopez.

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Include, Belong, and Respect

Cultivate and sustain an inclusive and welcoming environment in which everyone feels like they belong. Do the right thing for each other and our communities.

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